Forest City Cremation Service

We are an independent Funeral Cremation Transfer Service (not affiliated with a funeral home or cemetery) in the City of London and surrounding area.


Pre-Arrangement Benefits

Save your family additional stress at a difficult time. Our services are guaranteed at any time in the future.


Send Your Condolences Online

This useful feature allows you to pass on your sympathies regardless of where you are. We will pass all condolences onto the respective family.

What To Do When Someone Dies


At a Hospital or Nursing Home

Often a nurse will guide you in the proper procedure at their hospital or nursing home. They may ask you who you would like contacted, and you may give them our name and phone number (519) 675-0772. We still suggest that you contact us as well to ensure all is completed properly. If you have pre arrangements already in place, please let us know at this time.


Expected death at home

Community Care Access Centre or CCAC may have helped you arrange for a loved one to die at home. They will help provide home care & nursing care until the death occurs. A registered nurse will help you arrange this. When the death has occured you can call your nurse who will come to your home to pronounce the death. The medical certificate can be obtained later by us through your family doctor. You may call us when you call your nurse and we will prepare to come to your home. Once the nurse has pronounced the death and you want us to come to the home, you or the nurse may call us at (519) 675-0772. If you have pre arrangements already in place with us please let us know at this time.


Unexpected death at home

If the death is unexpected and has happened at home it is advised that you call (911). You may also call the person’s family doctor if they are available. Once emergency services has arrived they will advise you on the next steps. They might ask you what Cremation Service you would like contacted or tell you that you may call one of your choice. Be sure to tell them  you do not want a funeral home contacted and wish Forest City Cremation (519) 675-0772 to oversee all arrangements. If you have pre arrangements with us, please let us know at this time.